Anonymous Threatens Israel

April 3, 2015

According to several sources Anonymous, a long time anti-Israel group, plans to inflict a cyberspace holocaust against the State of Israel. This is not the first time they've made threats against Israel. For years they have refused to acknowledge the thousands of Israelis, including infants and children, that have been murdered by Palestinians. The attack is planned for the 7th of April. Four days from today and a little more than a week before Holocaust Remembrance Day. It should be noted that Passover begins today. The attack would occur in the middle of the Jewish festival.

Anonymous is aiming to eliminate every Israeli server, government website, Israeli military website, bank, and public institution. This can only mean one thing: they want to see human suffering in Israel. Unemployment, school shutdown, poverty, hunger, illness, corruption, and death would be the outcome. They want to create chaos. They do not care about Israeli human life.

You mean to tell me that I, an intelligent woman with critical thinking skills, am supposed to believe that Anonymous cares about human rights? You truly have to be an evil and sadistic human being to want to inflict suffering and death to 8+ million people. All of them will suffer, not just the Zionists or the Jews. The Palestinians would also suffer under such a catastrophic break down of the system.

It's one thing to disagree or even hate how a country is being run, and it's another to want to see millions of people suffer in the name of an incomplete narrow-minded belief. There are two sides to each conflict. What is going on in Israel and Palestine is no different. Nothing with such complexity is ever painted as black and white. Anyone who holds such a notion and protests under this falsification should head back to the drawing board.

It's clear that Anonymous isn't going away any time soon. These hackers are scattered everywhere, they are not ruled by a single figurehead, and they are not well organized. Nevertheless their presence has been noted. Whether Anonymous goes through with the cyber attack or not, I do not take threats lightly. No one should. The motives of this group are clear and their legacy is steadily growing more sinister.

As for Israel, I am sure the country is preparing or is already prepared. A country that is always on high alert whether they are forewarned or not, these types of attacks are not new to them and they have experience in dealing with them. My mind is at ease knowing that Israel is the home to some of the most tech-savvy people in the entire world.

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