Why I Am Not a Modern Feminist

April 13, 2015

I, personally, do not have a persecution complex.

I do not create problems where there are none solely to project the image of being a caring human.

Generalizing all men to be the same is ignorant.

Generalizing all women to have the same needs is benighted.

American women are not victims of their gender anymore than men are victims of theirs.

Modern feminism has an ongoing love affair with political correctness, the corrupter of truth.

Women's rights is exclusive whereas human rights applies to all humans.

Telling successful women who have never faced sexism that they are oppressed is ridiculous.

Sexism is not the cause of all rejection. Men face rejection too. That's life.

I view humans as individuals with unique stories. We don't all fit the modern feminist narrative.

I believe in equal opportunity, not equal outcome. This ties in with our unique stories.

The modern feminism movement in America has been hijacked by man-hating radicals. Be honest.

The mission isn't clear when there are different types of feminism: radical, cultural, social, etc.

Most, if not, all of my current problems have nothing to do with me being a woman.

Women have the Right to vote and run for office in modern America.

I choose not to ignore the injustices men face in my country.

Income gap? On average, men work more hours. More hours worked, more money earned.

Modern feminism simply doesn't interest me. I rather put my energy in other causes.

Misogyny may exist, but so does misandry. So we're back at human rights.

I don't have the energy to be offended by every little thing. I carefully choose my battles.

I honor and respect the homemakers and the stay-at-home mothers/wives.

I value the life of a human fetus.

Modern feminism has an image problem and I just don't want any association.

I think with my brain, not with my lady parts.

I like making sandwiches.

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