Goals Update: 2, 14, 15

February 17, 2017

The first pin of many pins I received during my time at Starbucks.

02  · Meet up + photography adventure with Jessica. Tomorrow would have been exactly two months since Jessica's birthday. Her and I were supposed to meet up at a local coffee shop for a late exchanging of gifts for her birthday and Christmas/Hanukkah. Our plans have been rescheduled for next week because I fell ill a few days ago and as of today, I have yet to feel better. I also don't want to risk spreading the flu. As for our "photography adventure", that's in the works. Hopefully, we'll be able to go on a road trip later on this year during the summer before classes start in the fall.

14 · Find a better paying job. Earlier this week I put in my resignation letter at the coffee shop. It's bittersweet. I've been working there for almost two years and I've met so many wonderful people during my time there. As much as I enjoy the flexible hours and working with friends, the pay at the coffee shop wasn't so great. As you know, I just recently purchased a new car and last year I returned to being a full-time college student. To sum up, my list of bills grew longer. Last Friday I had an interview and it went surprisingly well. On Tuesday I received a call from human resources and I was offered the job. I accepted, of course. My first day of orientation will be on the 27th. I will not disclose the name of this company for privacy reasons, however, I can let you know that I will be working as a front desk receptionist. I'm delighted at the opportunity to work for this new company. Not only is this full-time with better pay and benefits, but I will now work with a set schedule and have the weekends off.

15 · Update my online bookshop on Etsy. Even though this one is still in the works, I did manage to add four more books to my online bookshop which last week. It's a start. I plan to add more in a few weeks when I get situated with my new job and familiarize myself with my new schedule. You can check out my online bookshop here: etsy.com/shop/literaryandliberty.

Here is original list of goals for 2017.

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